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Non Nuoc, the stone craft carving village

Non Nuoc, the stone craft carving village of Da Nang has a long history, according to senior artist at the Non Nuoc stone carving village, this handicraft existed nearly 200 years ago.

The village was formed in the late eighteenth century, by artists who named Huynh Ba Quat initiated, from Thanh Hoa. Nineteenth century, the stone carving craft became a traditional profesional of the villagers.

Today, the Non Nuoc stone carving village located at the foot of the Marble Mountains, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District. In here, the temple of "The Master of Stone carving craft" and January 6th every year is the anniversary of the Non Nuoc stone carving craft. We can say the Non Nuoc stone carving village formation and development by utilizing and combining the elements of material and human resources to produce and making business of stone art today.

At the Non Nuoc village, visitors can choose the souvenirs and very meticulously honed by skilled artisans. Travellers will not be able to resist the exquisite sculptures; smooth gloss of the marble layer only in the Marble Mountains such as statues of gods, animal... all make up a diverse stone village, richness and originality.

Each sculpture is a result of the labor feats hand talent and diligence. each drill, chiseled features of these artisans have expressed the love for the inanimate rocks. Generations of artisans and their children every day working hard to create the most valuable works, maintaining and promoting the beauty of traditional villages.


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Non Nuoc, the stone craft carving village
Da Nang