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Chiên Đàn towers

Chien Dan towers are located near the National Road 1A, Tam An commune, Phu Ninh district, away from Da Nang City about 65 kilometers to the South.The towers were built in late 10th century to early 11th century, during the capital moving from Binh Dinh to Quang Nam, under the reign of King Yan Pu Ku Vijaya of Champa (Cham) empire.

The relics include three towers formed a line north-south axis, doors in the east. The 3 towers are similar in shape, square. North Tower: the smallest tower in the group. The top of tower had collapsed completely, the hall at the front door was also collapsed. The arch is still relatively intact. The fake door was heavily damaged.

The Center Tower: the largest tower in the group, is better preserved two other towers. The top tower is partly collapsed, bottom of lobby and the door partly collapsed. The top of tower made of sandstone located in the rear of the tower, including 2 parts, assembled together: the bottom part is an octagon, each conner embossed with a leaf of Tympan with then carving of Kala, the upper part is the same with the bottom part but smaller and pointed at the top. On the tip of the tower also trace small holes and the bronze nail, apparently had earlier been associated with precious metal pieces here.

South Tower: smaller than the center tower and larger than North tower. The roof of tower completely collapsed. On the bodies of Chien Dan towers themselves there's no decorations. The wall pillars and the ridges along narrow rectangular tower itself seems to make them higher. Each tower has 3 fake doors and 1 entrance door, above the arch with decoration that was bend to shape of Tympan, in the center of the arch there's a sculpture of Tympan.

During the restoration of these temple tower in 1989, archaeologists have excavated around the tower, reveals the wall system and the decorative sandstone wall along with hundreds of valuable sculptures. The foot wall decorations in the center tower is still relatively intact, that's great block of stone around the foot of the tower, delicate carvings, including the arms warriors dance with the dancers, musicians, the Apsara, the Kala and Makara. On the north side of the middle tower has a pair of elephants, in the middle is a group of lotus. Among the artifacts that discovered in Chien Dan, there were two altars carved with lotus, they're quite unique, circular altar, large diameter but thin, that put on a separated base.

In the South Tower, it was found that a carving Tympan Mahisasuramardini, the goddess has six arms, two hands clasped above his head, left hand holding four offers, arrow, trident, round. Goddess standing on a cow, foot shrink, stretch the left leg, the goddesses have two prayer on both sides. Perhaps this carving was mounted on the arch entrance of the South Tower.

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