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Bằng An - the Cham tower

Bằng An Tower is located at Bằng An village, Điện An commune, Điện Bàn District, Quang Nam Province, on 606 road, away from Da Nang City and about 27 km to the south.
 According content stele found at Bằng An,   Cham - Champa King Bhadravarman II built a temple called Linga Paramesvara (the ultimate God-a name of the god Siva). According to the researchers, this tower is built around the year 875 to 977.

Bằng An is the only Cham - Champa tower with octagonal shape still exists today (Tower Chánh Lộ in Quảng Ngãi is also in the octagon, but it collapsed, unable to know its shape, except the base of this tower ).The height of the tower is over 20m, base of the tower is quite high, a cylindrical tower itself is octagonal, each side wall 4 meters long. The large lobby, doors in the east, both sides lobby have 2 side doors.

Flat tower walls, no fake doors, no pillars and wall decorations. On the tower roof moldings also left traces of decorative sandstone architecture. Top of the tower was lost. The lobby heavily damaged previously, the Public Works Department renovated in 1940 under the French colonial, the two side doors of the lobby were transformed into 2 windows.

Outside the of tower there're 2 Gajasimha sandstone statues, a round rattles of Gajasimha Bằng An look like the rattles round of Gajasimha Chánh Lộ and Chiên Đàn, stylized neck feathers, the other details are stills shape and clearly.

Based on the 2 Gajasimha statue of Bằng An tower are Chánh Lộ style and shape of the tower is octagonal like Chánh Lộ tower; J.Boisselier considered Bằng An tower has the same age with Chánh Lộ tower (XI century).
Some other researchers considered the octagonal cylindrical body style of the tower like huge piles of brick octagonal monument in Dong Duong and Po-Nagar, the date of the tower so late IX-first century X century, while the 2 statues of Gajasimha were built in the century later, when the tower was still worshiping Siva.

Some researchers assume the external appearance of the tower like a enormous Linga, it was the Linga Bhadravarman that King Paramesvara had built at the end of IX century. The tower could have been restored and modified, but essentially remain the original shape.

According to the study of H.Parmentier description and drawings, previously in this region also traces the foundations of two small sub-architecture, one in the southwest, a main tower in the northeast, but today marks the 2 sub-architecture has been disappearing because of flooding.

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