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Điện Hải citadel

To protect the estuaries of Da Nang, in 1813 Emperor Gia Long ordered to build two fortresses (change into citadel in 1834) Dien Hai and An Hai. The fortresses were built by a French engineer named Oliver Puymanel with Vauban design. Emperor Gia Long, Nguyen Van Thanh was assigned to be responsible for this fortress with 500 troops

In 1840, the Minister Nguyen Cong Tru considered the defense system in Da Nang, then there were proposals to strengthen the defense of Dien Hai and An Hai fortresses.

1847 (The 7th years of Thieu Tri reign), Điện Hải citadel was expanded with a circumference of 556m, more than 5 meters high, surrounded by a moat 3m deep. The citadel had two doors, one opening to the south (main entrance), an open door to the east. There were supply, the base contains food, ammunition, gunpowder and equipped with 30 large artillery emplacements. The citadeln was built withVauban citadel design, square shape.

Currently, the relics of Điện Hải citadel is located in Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District. The wall to the west, east are relative intact. Southern gate and the North have been damaged. Recently, the relics of Điện Hải citadel was restored, reinforced.

Điện Hải citadel is a hallmark remember the fighting with the French of the people in Da Nang and people throughout the country to maintain national independence and territorial defense. An statue of Admiral Nguyen Tri Phuong was built here, to remember a glorious historical stage of the city.


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