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Điện Hải citadel

In 1813 Emperor Gia Long ordered to build two fortresses (change into citadel in 1834) Dien Hai and An Hai. The fortresses were built by a French engineer...

Da Nang Cathedral

Da Nang Cathedral (also known as Rooster Cathedral) is constructed from Feb 1923, by the priest Louis Vallet, building owners and sketched the overall building...

Linh Ứng Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda is also known as Ngoài pagoda - mean outer pagoda- (Tam Thai Pagoda is the Inner pagoda)...

Linh Ứng Pagoda - Bà Nà

Linh Ung pagoda has been inaugurated on 05/3/2004, the architecture is similar to Tam Thai pagoda architecture...