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Wildflowers in Dalat

Rustic, simple, but very attractive and charming, wildflowers are not only a symbol of pure beauty, they're also images the desire of vitality.

Climbing rose

Thiên lý

In Dalat, one can see wildflowers everywhere, flowers growing along the road, on the roofs, in rock crevices, under pine trees ... Where every sense as there is life, there is the presence of wildflowers.

Ngủ sắc


Dalat wildflowers contribute to the beauty of this city, won't' stop searching for them whenever you get here, it's just a tiny thing, but that will make you smile cause you've discovered one of many interesting thing in this small town.

Me chua


Dã Quỳ - Tithonia diversifolia


Cỏ hôi (còn gọi là hoa cứt lợn)

Bươm bướm (hay cánh bướm)

Bồ công anh

Và...  Bồ công anh


Some time a splendid thing is missed because of haste in life, just like rustic flower could become splendid when you just go slowly, spot it and see how beatiful it is.

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