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The Elephant waterfall

The Elephant waterfall is 22 km away from Dalat, it still has the wildness and the greatness of it own. This is the place worth to go when visiting Dalat.

Thác nước hùng vĩ và thơ mộng - Photo : Anh Trâm

Not far away from the road, in the Nam Ban town ( of Lam Ha), the Elephant waterfall is the National natural heritage of Vietnam in 2001. This waterfall is legend of love tragedy, the Liêng Rơwoa, a K'ho girl. 

The legend of Liêng Rơwoa

The K.Ho elders told the story of a beautiful girl, daughter of   Jơi Biêng, the village leader. Everytime the girl raise her voice of singing, everyone stop moving, even the wind in the wood, the birds stop singing to listen to her voice. She was in love with the son of the other village leader.

The son of the other chief village, he was respected not only of his strength, finess but his brave. The couple gave their vow to be husband and wife.

The war happened, the man went on the battle field, so many moon seasons have pasted away but he still not turned back. She was so sad, she came to the mountain, the place that they were dating, she rose her voice and sing her song with her sadness, her hopeless to call her man back.

Her voice have touch the heart of   B'ling birds, they flew far and far away to seach for her man. They came back and let her know his death, but she still sung, sung until she was dead. 

The elephants that laid down for listening to her voice were turned into rock in silent. Sudenly, there was a big noise, the moutain was broken down by water from inside the moutain. The K'Ho named the waterfall: Liêng Rơwoa to remind of the faithful girl.

The "elephants" under the green cover- Photo: Anh Trâm


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