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The color of "Dã quỳ flower" (Tithonia diversifolia)

Dalat has a blossoming "gold" all the way around: Dã quỳ flower season. The weather will be chilly, the sun-bright so shine, like the golden silk make the these wild flowers more exotic.



Dã quỳ flower blossoming calls the dry season comes to the beautiful plateau of Dalat. Many people believe that, Dalat has a different climate fo the rest of the southern of Vietnam, but in fact, like the type of climate typical of the Highlands, the weather here is divided into two seasons: dry and rainy.

The rainy season lasts from April through October, it's warm but when the night falls it will be cold due to the postion of Dalat on the Central Highlands. People say, Dalat rain is beautiful but it's easy touch your heart, especially if you are in Dalat alone.

Dry season in Dalat comes, the sky seems to "change a new shirt," the scenes seem brighter, more flowers blossoming for welcoming the Christmas and New Year.

Dã quỳ blossoming season is not only calls the dry season to Dalat, it's also the sign of a the ending of year, the time that Dalat wears a new cover, a time for ready for greeting seasons.

Come to Dalat in the time the rainy season changes to dry season would be a great experience, the air is colder, fog spread closed each corner, a small road. The bright sunshine, and the color of Dã quỳ flowers could be unforgetable memories.

(*) Dã quỳ: Science name:  Tithonia diversifolia, which is original from Mexico, called Mexico Sunflower. 

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