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Suoi Vang lake

Dan Kia Lake - Suoi Vang lake (Lake of Yellow Springs) is 17km away to the north-west of of Dalat city center. Originates near from Mount Chu Yan Kao (2006m) on Da Long commune, Lac Duong district.

After the confluence with the stream Da Lien Deur, river Đạ Đờng flow into Dan Kia Lake with the space of 2.2 km2 Suoi vang lake (Lake Ankroet) wide 0.28 km2, and down to the South.
Before 1919, the Lang Bian Plateau Plateau is a lot of people trafficking Lạch (Lac, Lat, M'Lates) and the Chil (Chin, Cil), the largest village is Dan Kia on the river side of Đạ Đờng river.

On the map of Indochina in the memoirs of Governor Paul Doumer not find Dalat but Dangkia .
Dan Kia comes from Dang Ja means grass hill.

On the afternoon of 21-6-1893, the Da Lat area today, Dr. Alexandre Yersin was crossing the Đạ Đờng river to Dan Kia and spent the night here then returned Riong (Lam Ha district today).
Get the private messages from Doumer, on 19-7-1897, Dr. Yersin wrote a letter to introduce the Lang Bian Plateau for resorts establishment.
A. Berjoan - the mayor of Da Lat, said the specifically resorts were Dalat - Dan Kia.

Dr. Etienne Tardif, Dr. Alexandre Yersin recommended Dan Kia.
Since October 1897, Doumer sent a delegation military research to find the easiest path to go from Nha Trang to Lang Biang Plateau. Delegation under the command of Captain Thouard artillery.

After some time living up tents beside a stream Cam Ly, temporary residence in Dan Kia. The convenient was the delegation in the center of the region, useful for mapping and changing facilities for food.
After 11 months of investigation, in September 1898, the delegation returned to sea, only to Missigbrott stay, setting up a vegetable garden and some livestock husbandry. This is the beginning of Dan kia

In 1898, an agricultural station and a meteorological station was set up in Dan Kia. Agricultural Station area 16.6706 hectares, vegetables planting was in trial, flowers, fruit trees, food crops, cash crops and cattle and sheep.
On 8-6-1899, Dr. Tardif Guynet escort Captain Guynet to Lang Bian Plateau.

n 1909, the weather station was transferred from Dan Kia to Dalat . In Den Kia only a farm with cattle and sheep provide milk, butter and cheese for the hotel and residents in Dalat.
Occasionally, the tourist group to use horse or procession from Dalat to Dan Kia to visit Beneur village , Ankroet waterfall, Lang Bian Plateau and mountain climbing or adventure walking through the hunting, the lake Lak, Buon Ma Thuot.
On 6-1-1916, Langbian province was established, the Dan Kia is located in the province of Langbian

On 31-10-1916, the center of Dalat city was established, the remaining lands of the Langbian province belong to Upper Dong Nai province.
October 1942, hydroelectric plants Ankroet (Suoi Vang) was constructed. Ankroet dams 8m wide, 12m high, 150m long. 510m long tunnel. The plant has two units of 500 horsepower, capacity: 1.200kW.

In 1944, A. Berjoan magazine wrote in Indochine (Indochina) all Ankroet, tourism, resort, central livestock and farming:
"... The river valley landscape of Đạ Đờng river is very attractive. The hills are green with clusters of pine forests surrounding rivers, waterfalls, open a road to the west. It's very difficult to express the harmony of the landscape can be compared with the most beautiful landscapes of the Alps or the Pyrenees mountains...

Ankroet hydroelectric plants

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