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Dalat, the city of Mai Anh Đào (Prunus Cesacoides)

According to experts, Dalat has a lot of Mai Anh Dao, of which the most characteristic is "Mai Anh Dao Dalat." Mai Anh Dao Dalat (Prunus Cesacoides) is close to the same peach plum (Prunus) but the flowers are five-pointed bill of apricot varieties (genus Cerasus).

  Many scientists so far tend to favor said Mai Anh Dao Dalat indigenous species; further more, it is your own native plant species in Dalat (as opposed to trends that Mai Anh Dao Dalat is acclimatized plants from foreign countries).

In the study of Nguyen Thai Hai, an overseas Vietnamese origin of Dalat, said his father, Mr Nguyen Thai, is a native of Nghe An, moved to live in Dalat in 1927. Mr. Nguyen Thai was continental highway superintendent, and former government who is assigned to plant trees in the campus, residence ... While on duty flowers planting he had discovered in a forest near Tan Lac village is just like the apricot flowers and medium peach varieties should have asked the government allowed him to bring this about planting lilacs along the central streets.

If any chance to visit Da Lat at the end of the year, you will definitely surprised by the beauty of Mai Anh Dao flower on over the whole city
Along the route of city center as Le Dai Hanh, the road along the Xuan Huong Lake and scattered throughout the streets of Dalat, Mai Anh Dao flowers are as the lights lit up brightly in the chilly air.

Mai Anh Dao flower is not only the pride of Dalat, but also the unforgettable memories of tourists whom visit Dalat in the days of the end of year, it like the flames warm up your hearts in the days of cold weather arrives this highland city.


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