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Dalat, the city of flowers & Vegetable

Because soil and favorable climate, Dalat conditions to develop a variety of temperate vegetables. Except for a few varieties of vegetables from the northern of Vietnam, most of the city's vegetable varieties have been imported from France, Germany, Holland, Japan, the United States ..

A famous vegetable of Dalat is salad, a short growing period vegetable that was planted with other vegetable species for a higher productivities.

In the area of Da Lat vegetables can also see the crops such as potatoes, carrots, onions, peas, spinach ... Dalat is known as the land of flowers, with varieties of orchids, roses, lys, thanks lay flowers, hydrangeas, immortal flowers, carnations ...

The number of imported orchid that are planted in Dalat is up to 3000 species.
Since 2000, some orchids in tropical and subtropical also be successfully grown as hybrids in the genus Ho Diep (butterfly orchid), Hoang Y My Nuong (Yellow dress lady), Spider orchid. Rose, lys are grown in Da Lat from the mid 20th century.

On the outskirts of the city area, but can see the fruit trees like peach, plum, pink, strawberry ... areas of industrial crops such as tea, coffee, or artichokes, well-known medicinal plants of Dalat.

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