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Tracing of the lost railway - Part 3

When the railway was completed, the French company “Chemin De Fer” (CFI) imported the cog railway locomotives to get the railway in operation. The CFI had 2 time of importing of locomotives.

The first time: 7 locomotives in total, which are 5 of HG 4/4 type of  Switzerland company, the SLM Winterthurand (Schweizerische Lokomotiv- und Maschinenfabrik Esslingen)  and 2 locomotives with the same type HG 4/4 of Gemany company (German MFE - Maschinenfabrik Esslingen).

The second time, in the midle of the period of 1930 to 1947. The CFI bough 6 locomotives of Swiss company FO (Furka-Oberwald), 2 of them are HG 4/4 (serial number CFI 40-308 and 40-309) in 1930 and  4 locomotives of HG 3/4 type (serial number CFI 31-201 to 31-204 ) in 1947.
During the time Japanese occupied Indochina, the CFI lost 3 locomotives type HG 4/4. The locomotives left were transfered to Vietnam when the French withdrawed. The serial of these locomotives were unchanged.

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