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Tracing of the lost railway - Part 1

Since arrived Dalat, maybe you've heard of the the Dalat train station, the tourism railway of Dalat - Trai Mat but rarely anyone know this railway was a part of the most unique railway on the world: the cog railway.

In 1903, the French started to build the railway between Dalat plateau and Phan Rang coast for the convenience of travelling and transport.When having the railway, it was more easy for the French who stayed in Vietnam travel to Dalat for vacation, the place that has cool and fresh climate around the year. The railway is 84km in length, 41 km from Tháp Chàm to Sông Pha (Krong Pha) was completed and open in 1919, 43km left from Sông Pha to Dalat was opened in 1932, 13 years later.

This 43 km of railway is on the steep mountains and hills, there're 3 positions were implemented with cog railway and 5 positions had tunnels through the mountains. It took 30 years to completed the railway of 84km in length from Dalat to Phan Rang.

The progress of Dalat - Phan Rang railway

  • 1893 -1913 From Tháp Chàm (Tourcham) to Tân Kỳ, 41 Km, completed and opened in 1913.
  • 1919 Finished from Tân Mỹ to Sông Pha (Krongpha)
  • 1928 Finished from Sông Pha to Eo Gió (Bellevue)
  • 1929 Finished from Eo Gió to Đơn Dương (Dran)
  • 1930 Finished from Đơn Dương to Trạm Hành (Arbre Broye)
  • 1933 Finished from Trạm Hành to Đà Lạt
  • Total 84 Km in length from Tháp Chàm (tourcham) to Đà Lạt.

Please continue with Part 2.

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