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Rượu cần Dalat - Dalat stem wine wine

Rượu cần (literally "stem wine" or "tube wine") is a fermented rice wine produced in Vietnam, especially in mountainous areas like Central highland or North west of Vietnam. It is made of cooked glutinous rice (nếp) mixed with several kinds of herbs (including leaves and roots) in the local forests. The types and amount of herbs added differs according to ethnic group and region. This mixture is then put into a large earthenware jug, covered, and allowed to ferment for at least one month. Rượu cần is typically 15 to 25 percent alcohol by volume. 

Rượu cần is consumed by placing long, slender bamboo tubes in the jar, through which the wine is drunk. Often two or more people (and sometimes up to ten or more) will drink together from the same jug communally, each using a separate tube
Rượu cần is typically drunk for special occasions such as festivals, weddings, or harvest feasts. It is often drunk by a fire or in a nhà rông, or community house. When a guest is invited to drink rượu cần by the local people, it means that this he/she is seen as distinguished guest.

Traditionally referred to rượu cần is reminiscent to a cultural and spiritual space, cultural festivals around the stove, the floor, wine brewed from fermented leaves the forest. Along with the sound of gongs , the dance of ethnic minorities girl makes the culture unique Highlands.

If anyone ever had the time of traveling through the villages of indigenous peoples in Lam Dong will be impressed on the long houses, a blazing fire,sharing the same jar of rượu cần should say that feeling in the world of pristine spirit, warm feelings of enthusiasm and ethnic minority here. Perhaps every minority on this country has "cultural speciality", it's the culture of rượu cần on any chance of festival or home moving, relatives or clan meeting, it's the time for sharing and understanding of sadness and happiness.

The minority believes that in addition to functional drinks rượu cần is also a traditional remedy of abdominal pain, itching, flu ...

For ethnic minorities such as the Southern Highlands such as Ma, K'ho, the host can show you their welcoming by sitting on the guest shoulders with hand squeeze the guest's nose to make guest drink then singing and dancing

Materials for making rượu cần are from the cereal starches. To create yeast, the wine maker must go into the woods looking for "củ dong" - a flavoring made ​​delicious aroma of wine, it's dried and crushed into flour and dried on the kitchen for a long time, when wine is made, it's crushed mix into rice. Spread the bottom of jar a layer of chaff with 3cm thick, it's for thermal distribution and a the filter when drinking. Mix into the rice mixture yeast 5% rice husk, spread a layer of chaff and foil for covering. Temperatures too hot or too cold, rượu cần is also damaged. Rượu cần with bitter flavor (heavy concentration) is rượu cần for men, while rượu cần for women is sweet and fragrant. After 20 days of making, rượu cần could be drunk. Rượu cần is better if storage for 3 to 6 months and buried underground.

Through the vicissitudes of time, ethnic minorities refined substances from rice, maize, cassava, and yeast ... trees, roots, leaves the forest to fermentation mixture with water that becomes the material culture unique - the rượu cần culture. Guest are sure to be invited with the best rượu cần. Hundreds jars of rượu cần were made but if there's any jar of rượu cần was sour (that's mean the rượu cần making is failed), that jar of rượu cần will be disqualified.

There are many size of jar for customers choice: jars for 4 people, jars for 8 people, and for 20 people to drink. A jars has many straws for many people drink at the same time. Water is poured in during or after the drinking round. Rượu cần is something precious property of the minority, so along with gongs, the number of rượu cần jars in each house can tell the rich or poor family.

In addition to the most famous rượu cần brand is Lát Village (Langbian mountain), there're some other rượu cần brand: K'Long of Dinh An (Duc Trong) is known, recently appeared brand of rượu cần production in Dalat: Hoà Bình rượu cần, Highland rượu cần.Hoà Bình rượu cần is made according to the formula of the Muong minority - Hoa Binh province (northern of Vietnam) which the yeast are made from the material from Hoa Binh province.

Unlike Hoa Binh rượu cần, Highland rượu cần is made from the yeast of Chư Pả (Đắc Lắc province) which is made of 29 different herbs. .

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