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Dalat from the beginning to circa 20s - 30s

On 1/11/1899, Governor Paul Doumerkys decreed to establish Upper Dong Nai province, selected Drijing as the capital of the two stations is the Tanh Linh and Lam Vien (located in Dalat). The original intention of the French authorities to build a city of Dalat offered classic European architecture. In 1906, the mayor of Paris, Paul Champoudry, was sent to of Da Lat to be Dalat mayor. He has established a general design of the scale, architecture of Da Lat, paving the way for the embellishment of this city subdivision in the near future.

On 04.20.1916, Emperor Duy Tan announced the establishment of townships Dalat and given full authority for the Governor of Indochina. On 31.10.1920, the Governor signed a decree Maurice Long established autonomous regions Lam Vien, Lam Vien Plateau separated from Lam Vien province and on that day Autonomous Region was renamed the town of Dalat, it was up to second-class town.

Năm 1923, kiến trúc sư người Pháp tên là Hesbrard tiến hành quy hoạch, Ngày 26/7/1926, một nghị định quan trọng được ban hành đã nâng tính tự trị của Đà Lạt lên mức cao hơn so với các thị xã và thành phố khác.

In 1933 the architect Louis Georges Pineau up blueprints of urban areas.

Vietnam Discoveries. (Collected from many sources)


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