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Dalat - Circa 40s 50s

In 1940, Dalat is planned by the architect Mondet. In the same year, Decour was inaugurated as the Governor and Decour embarked the idea of turning Dalat into an administrative center. In 1943, architect Lagisquet was assigned task by Decour Governor to deliver and refurbishment projects based on the expansion project of the architect before.

According to this scheme, the town of Dalat was divided into 21 sections: seven sectors in the five-class villas, adjacent units, condominiums and two commercial areas, office parks, hotels, schools , sports, farming and animal husbandry, rural villages, hospitals, religious; 4 areas not under construction, any comments made in tourism and space. By 1945, there were 1000 villa in Dalat and the number of villas was higher than in subsequent years. In 1975, this figure was over 2500 with many diverse styles.

On 15/4/1950, after fleeing in Hong Kong when traveling with the delegation of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Bao Dai left the position of office counseling revolutionary government, he fled to France and returned home to establish Reigning Dynasty. He signed the announcement No. 6 - choses DaLat as the capital, golf hills also built to serve the interests of Bao Dai.


On 05/19/1958, Ngo Dinh Diem signed a decree 261 - VN shared land of Dalat to Duc Tuyen province and appointed Dalat mayor as Tuyen Duc mayor. In 1961, Dalat city hall building separated from the Tuyen Duc town hall, and in 1966 was a independence administrative office.

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