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Teachers College (Grand Lycee Yersin)

Teachers College of Dalat (formerly the Grand Lycee Yersin) is the architecture that considered as one o the most unique architecture of 1000 building's 20th-century by the Association of Architects (UIA). The college was founded in 1927 by the French and architect Moncet is the one who designed, directed the construction. The college was for the French and the wealthy Vietnamese family. In 1932, Dalat Petit Lycée College was renamed the Grand Lycée de Dalat. In 1935 the school named Lycée Yersin memorial attribution of Dr. Alexandre Yersin.

From 1970 to 1975, the college named Hung Vuong Education Center. It was for Vietnamese primary school and a department of Pedagogy training facility of primary school teachers.
After 1975, Ministry of Education signed the decision variables of 1784/QD Education Center Hung Vuong the Teachers College. In 1992, the College named Da Lat Teachers College.  


The main building includes 3 floors, 24 rooms and the tower with the height of 54m. The red bricks that used for the building were transported from Europe and the roofing were from France. The roofing currently replaced due to the old ones were damaged. 





The highlight of the complex is the bell tower. It is distinctive architectural features of the Morger, Yersin’s hometown in Switzerland. 



Vietnam Discoveries. (Photo by Khánh Hmoong)



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