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Central Highland Institute of Biology

Central Highland Institute of Biology is a scientific research facility in Dalat, with the basic function of  researching in Central Highlands  biology. Head of the institute is located on a hill, 7 km away from the center of Dalat. Before 1975, it was a monastery of the Redemptorist of Vietnam. Before 2008, the institute named Institute of Biology in Dalat. 

Central Highland Institute of Biology is located on a hilltop Tung Lam 1.548m high, in a pine forests on the road to the Suoi Vang (golden stream).This stone building has many windows, in the face of the building, there's the cross with two words in Latin: "Copiosa Apud Pedemptio Eum", meaning: "salvation is filled with Him." This is the former Academy of the   Redemptorist, built in 1950.



There's a rich collection orchids are presented in wood truss system with approximately 900 locations spread pot exterior, 1,300 rolls, pots, orchid table types.


Collection of animals in the Central Highlands and the country is on display in 7 rooms, include of 378 samples of 58 species, 242 samples of 94 species of birds, 42 reptiles, amphibians samples of 32 species, 36 samples of 22 pets box and over 200 species of insect samples.

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