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Camly Church

Cam Ly church or church or Sơn Cước church of Vietnam Catholic Church in the Dalat city. The church serves mainly for ethnic minorities.

The church was built by priest Boutary (French), have worked many years with ethnic and contractors Nguyen Thanh Ho was in charge of building. The church was built in six years from 1960-1968.

  The church was built in 1959 and inaugurated in 1967, from the idea of ​​the house of God and Yang (god of the ethnic minorities) had long cherished in the heart of the French priest Boutary.

The church is an architectural style unique in the architecture of the Central Highland. Of the nearly 100 Catholic buildings appeared in Dalat from the 1920s to the 1960s, Cam Ly church was built for people of ethnic minorities, so it offers a unique nuances different churches for Kinh ethnic.

The ones who built the church has shown its "cultural integration" through the art of architecture when the integration of Catholic God and Yang who the people here were thousands of years of worship .

(*) Yang: God of the ethnic minorities.  

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