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Bao Dai Palace No.1

At first, Bao Dai Palace No.1 was built by a French millionaire named Robert Clément Bourgery in 1940 on a hill with beautiful scenery and romantic, 1550m high with pine forests surrounding with the area about 60 ha 


When the French returned in 1948 and established Reigning Dynasty (1950), Emperor Bao Dai returned to power, In May 8-1949 he bought this villa and renovated the entire villa and used as the headquarters and the workplace.

  During the construction of the Villa No.1, the workers discovered a secret tunnel, but the Emperor Bao Dai has instructed the information hidden. The tunnels are located right behind the the Palace No.1 and connect to Palace No.2, nearly 4km long with shunts in 11 villas, 16, 18, 26 ... on Tran Hung Dao street- these tunnels were dug by Japanese before the coup of Japanese to the French with the intention of capturing French officers in the Governor Palace as well as in the surrounding villas

  During the time of President Ngo Dinh Diem(South Vietnam), Bao Dai Palace No.1 was remodeled, extended tunnel, both sides have an office of the assistants and officers ...
After the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem, Bao Dai   Palace No.1 still be used as a resting place of the heads of state next to the Saigon regime in 1975.

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