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Bu Map national park

The heavy rain came suddenly when we stepped into the jungle. It came and went quickly, the humid fog on the mountain and the muddy trail indicate a tough journey for the discoveries of national park Bu Map.

On the zigazag trail from the buffer zone to the core of the national park, the Stieng women were comming home after a  hard working day for farm work. On their back were laden rattan basket of vegetables, bamboo shoes, wood...
The first creature of the jungle we've seen is the
Milvus Migran hawk with a Bungarus fasciatus snake in her feet. It must be a good meal for her hungry babies


Rain just stopped, the sun shone upon the jungle, the Calotes Mystaceus salamenders on the tree along the trail were l alert when looking at us. 
When we arrived the ranger station number 2, the darkness was starting to shadow on the national park.
The last light of day tried to shine through the darkness in the jungle while many creatures were comming to their home. The dusk felt on the jungle, the sound of Spinocear cicadas and the sound of wind sadly.

When the night was cover all over the jungle, the synphony of the nocturnal creatures seem started at the same time. The quiet atmosphere of the jungle seemed more alive when the symphony started.We've begun to take photos and tools to catch some samples. 

We've found many creates in Bu Gia Map national park on this journey. After a while of searching, we've been hearing the sound of the bullfrog, it's the Calluella Guttulata, the one just have been found recently in Bu Gia Map national park. We left him behind after having some photos of him.
My partner, he has found a Macropodanthus Alatus while he tried to get over a rotten tree, it's rarely to see with the glaour fragrancy spread out the area around it. In another coner, I found the Cymbidium Finlaysonianum. We kept going upstream of the Dakar stream. In this season, it looked like a ravine, flew slowly. 

There're plenty of plants that we've found in this journey, below are some photos of them.

We've been tavelling in the jungle for all night, we've witnessed  and feel the night life of the jungle. It's an unforgetable and amazing experiences.


Bu Gia Map national park is located in the North West of Binh Phuoc province, on the Vietnam - Cambodia border with the area of 26.032 hectare.







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Bu Map national park
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Bu Map national park