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The imagination of many foreigners of Vietnam is just about Vietnam war. In reality, Vietnam is a country filled with spectacular scenery and tranquil villages. From the North to the South, it is highland, rainforest, limestone mountain, midlands and the delta with a variety of species, especially the exotic wild lives. Vietnam's islands and beaches are among the best ones of the SEA. It's nearly 4 decades since Vietnam was officially unified, and the wound of the war was also healed during that time. Vietnam becomes a popular destination for travelers who love to discover the exotics and the charm of this country.


You may try Pho, the famous Vietnamese noodle. You can eat Pho in many different countries, however if you have a chance to try it in Vietnam, you can enjoy the best and original taste of Pho, so let's try it there. Vietnam has a diverse cuisine which may be the most delicious dishes in the SEA.

Vietnam has a geographical shape which is just like an elongated S. Vietnam's territory stretches along the length of the Indochina Peninsula. The areas of Vietnam are 327,480 km² of land and 1,000,000 km² of water area.

Vietnam's topography changes from the North to the South, from the West to the East with soaring mountains in the North-West and the West and the fertile deltas in the East North and Mekong delta. There are sinuous rivers and mysterious caves such as Son Doong cave, Heaven cave with different miraculous rock formations, and heavenly waterfalls and wonderful beaches.

Vietnam consists of 4 areas. They are the North, the Central, the Central Highland and the South.

The North is known about its alpine peaks (the Fansipan peak for instance), Sapa town, the Red River Delta, the plains of Cao Bang and Vinh Yen, enchanting Halong bay, and historic Hanoi. It is also famous for the diversity of its ethnic minorities.

The Central of Vietnam, the home of many ethnic minorities, is characterized by the high temperature, spectacular beaches, dunes, and lagoons. The ancient imperial Hue city also locates there. Besides, the foreigners can visit Hoi An- a famous ancient town which is awarded by UNESSCO- and limestone caves such as Son Doong cave, Phong Nha cave...

The Central Highland is located in the South of the Central and the North of South of Vietnam. It's also the hometown of many ethnic minorities and it is the place where there are rain forests with stunning waterfalls. The most famous place of this area is Dalat city, a small but well-known city of the Central Highland with temperate zone. This is the gift of the nature to this city because Vietnam is a tropical country.

In the South, visitors can experience the modern life in Ho Chi Minh city (formerly known as Saigon) and the local people's activities of the fertile alluvial delta of the Mekong River. Vietnam's territory also encompasses a large continental shelf and some archipelagos.

Many languages were spoken in Vietnam. They are Vietnamese, English, Chinese, French, Korean and Russian...

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 Hoi An ancient town

Halong Bay

Terrace fields in Sapa

 Con Dao island

Ha Long bay


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